G4 GUITAR Student Policies

We are committed to your success on guitar. To ensure your success we know that consistency is a critical component. This means attending your lesson each and every week and practicing most days. Below are our policies that are designed to keep you focused and on track. Please take a few minutes to read our policies and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Missed Lesson Policy – We ask that you attend each lesson at your allocated time each week to ensure consistency. Please note lessons CANNOT be carried forward and if you miss your appointment you will still be charged for the lesson.
      • 24hr notice or lesson of NON-Attending lesson will be treated as a forfeited lesson
      • If you are planning on going away or you can not attend the lesson, please advise with 14days notice so we can arrange a session for you for that week.
      • If you advise within 7days of the lesson, we will do our best to find an appropriate time to catch up on the lesson but it is not guaranteed. If you are unable to attend the times we have available then your lesson if forfeited.  
    • Putting your lessons on hold – You may put your lessons on hold with 14 days notice but please note that your time will not be held and you will need to rebook a new time on your return.
    • Holidays – There are no lessons on public holidays but an alternative day and time will be arranged. In the case of school holidays we operate as normal except if you are notified. This means lessons will operate as normal. If you will not be attending lessons during the school holidays or you are going on holiday please notify G4 Guitar Schools Adelaide 14 days in advance.
    • Practice requirements – Consistent practice is critical to your success on guitar. Without regular practice you are unlikely to progress and in most cases students who fail to practice at least five days a week will almost certainly give up within a few months. To avoid this we require all students to meet the minimum practice requirements and ask that you fill in the Practice Log each day.
    • Student booklets – You are required to bring your folder to every lesson as your booklet contains the necessary materials for your lessons. If you lose your booklet you can purchase a replacement for $25.00 – This must be arranged outside of lessons. 
    • Guitar – you will need to bring your own guitar to every lesson. Please ensure your guitar is in tune. You can purchase a guitar tuner and will be shown in the lesson how to tune your guitar. If you break a string there are several good videos on YouTube that will teach you how to replace a broken string. Please just send an email to us for a link to the video if required.
    • Parents – For children under the age of 13 years we require at least one parent or guardian to attend the introductory lessons and at least one lesson per month thereafter. In some cases especially with younger children we might ask parents to be more involved.
  • Sickness – If you (student) is sick on the day of your scheduled lesson, please notify us (G4 Guitar Adelaide) by 9am the morning of your lesson via email or Phone. Once recovered please advise our team and we can look at times available for a makeup session (within a 14day period from recovery). If the times we propose do not work, lesson will be forfeited. 
    • Pandemic – In the case of a pandemic, lessons will continue to operate as normal in an ONLINE format using Zoom. Lesson access links will be emailed out to students and timetable confirmation will be communicated via email. If you do not wish to take lessons via the ONLINE platform, then the Putting Lessons On Hold Policy applies (14 days notice). 
    • Restricted Travel – If you (student) is restricted in your travel movements due to health reasons but well enough to attend an online session will be offered where possible. If you refuse to take the offered lesson online, this will be considered a forfeited lesson. 
    • Lesson Fees (5 Week Introduction) – 5 Week Introduction lesson fees are to be paid upfront. We do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the method of teaching we use. Refunds will not be offered past the 3rd lesson and 14days notice of cancellation of lessons apply. 
  • Lesson Fees (Monthly Subscription) – Lesson fees are deducted monthly based on your continuation date. Lesson fees are charged a month in advance. Lesson fees are based on a 4 week month (48 week year). G4 Guitar Schools Adelaide teaches 50 weeks of the year. We are closed for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year Period and will be advised of the dates by G4 Guitar Schools Adelaide via email minimum 4 weeks in advance of this closure. 
    • Questions – If you have any questions at all please feel free to email G4 Guitar Adelaide at any time as your lessons include email support. 
  • Lesson Administration – Please keep all administration task such as advising absences outside of lesson times. Lessons are for the lessons ONLY not to discuss administrative matters. Our tutors have enough to think about with conducting lessons and do not have time to deal with administrative tasks in lessons. Please keep these to emails. We recommend that any email you send create the subject line as “Student Name – Outline of subject matter”.